Membership - Rhema FM 106.5

RHEMA FM Manning Great Lakes
PO Box 246 (Shop 5 97 Isabella St)
Wingham NSW 2429
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If you would like to pay your annual subscription and/or make a donation by credit card, please fill in this form.
If you don't get an email reply, please contact us on 6553 0116.

Preferably, we would like you to pay by direct debit.
We do not get charged a credit card fee for these transactions.

Our Holiday Coast Credit Union Account Number is: 28987
Our BSB Number is: 721-000

Please identify yourself when depositing money in our account so that we can account for it.

If you would prefer, please send a cheque to:
Rhema FM Manning Great Lakes
PO Box 246
Wingham NSW 2429

Our financial instition charges us for cheques deposited.


RHEMA FM Manning Great Lakes
Phone: 6553 0116
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